Developing Fluency with iPods

Learning to read is such an exciting time!

Children start reading by pointing to each word as they read, developing one-to-one correspondence, i.e. one written word matches one spoken word. Once this is developed, we tell them they are so good at reading, they don’t need to point anymore! Very exciting time and we all celebrate!

Next we encourage them to read with their eyes, again matching each word they ‘say’ with a word they ‘see’.  As they get better at this, we encouraged them to look ahead at the words and make their eyes flow ‘along’ the words and sentences, rather than look at each word individually. This encourages fluency or ‘reading like talking’ as we say at school. Encourage your child to read the book several times to develop fluency. Give lots of praise for their effort.

Here the children are recording their reading to see what is sounds like. They ask their partner  –

  • Am I ‘reading like talking?’ or do I sound like a ‘robot’?
  • Does my reading sound interesting?
  • Am I using expression?


Does your reading ‘sound like talking’? Do you read with expression?

Ask your Mum or Dad after they have heard you read –

‘Does my reading sound interesting? Am I reading fluently?


B for Baby

This week we had the opportunity to meet Mrs Ellis’ daughter and grandson. Jayne brought baby Jesse into school and everyone helped bath him. He is a very beautiful little boy.

Thanks you Jayne and Jesse and Mrs Ellis for organising the visit.



Do you have a baby brother or sister that you help to bath?

What do you do to help?

Grandparents Day

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On Friday we shared a very special morning with lots of special people.

Preps invited their grandparents or special person to spend the morning with us. They excitedly shared their learning, their reading, writing, songs and dance.

Grandparents were able to see how learning has changed since they went to school.

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.


Who did you invite? What was your favourite part of the morning?

What was your grandparents/special persons favourite part of the morning?

National Simultaneous Storytime 2012

Today all four prep grades gathered in the Library for a very special event, The National Simultaneous Storytime 2012 event. We listened to the award winning picture story book, The Very Cranky Bear written by Nick Bland. This is a story is wonderful Australian tale about friendship, sacrifice and learning that appearances aren’t important.

After the story we sang Cranky Bear songs, frightened Mrs T and growled so LOUD, we nearly brought the Library roof down!!! The preps were very Cranky Bears indeed!


Here is an interview with the Bear. Bob Monster asks him questions about being cranky!

Our Chickens

We have been writing about out chickens.

Here is a book we wrote.



Have you ever held a chicken?

What did it feel like?


They’ve hatched!

We arrived at school to some very exciting news this morning!


It was as a very busy day as we all watched our little brood expand!




We have 15 eggs. I wonder how many chicken will hatch.


The Three Little Pigs

This week the Prep children read the story of The Three Little Pigs. We talked about the building materials used by the pigs, how they made their houses and how strong each house was.

Then we worked in small groups and built our own piggy houses. Great teamwork everyone!


Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

Will the wolf be able to blow these houses down?

Which house is the strongest?

Learning to Count

We are learning to count to 20.

Can you guess these numbers???


See if you were right!